After serving my country in the military for 8 years I moved to Puerto Rico and in 2009 started a group of comedy sketches called Los Ridiculous Crew Productions. During this time I wrote a theater play "Puertoricans Ghost" and went on tour on various college campuses. I got contacted in 2010 to produce the theater play "Between the Wall and the Sword" and did five presentations also acting as minor character.  During this time, Jeffrey De Jesus started his photography company JDJ Arts and I help him drive the company to success. In his company is were I learned all my photography skills. In 2011 I started the non-for-profit corporation "Atabey Productions" which I produce my second and most successful theater play "Cupid Love" with 13 presentations in various venues in 3 cities in Puerto Rico. I co-wrote it and directed, produce and also was the lead actor. In collaboration with JDJ Arts we produce two more theatre plays, various music videos and TV commercials. Later on 2012 I wrote two episodes of the TV show "Family K" and the script for the short film "Jose and Rosaura" that was presented in various film festivals. In 2013 I moved to USA. I wrote and filmed the short "The Proposal" and filmed in Puerto Rico and filmed and edited the TV pilot "Blood is Thicker" in South Carolina. In the US Army Reserves I have served as the UPAR  (Unit Public Affairs Representative) working under a few PAO officers working in photography and video overseas and in the US. Currently working in Dallas, Texas.


Ellery Vázquez